Scione Law Firm is a 'greenhouse' of different and mainfold experiments. It originates from the encounter of knowledge, competences, and skills the promoting partners gained through the mainfold and different formative and professional experiences acquired in Governmental Institutions in Italy as well as abroad, in International Organizations, and in law firms that makes them - though young people - very competitive, qualified, and multivalent lawyers. From this privileged observatory Scione lawyers have interpreted in a new way the traditional concept of what a 'law firm' is, and given birth with enthusiasm and passion to the their multifocal project.

Scione Law Firm is a dynamic 'lab' where achieved and achieving competences and skills in National, European, and International contexts converge and, modulated, shape new tools placed at case law’s service to respond to the new needs the international and transnational demands bring about in our daily life.

Our solid understanding of economic policy matters and international relationships supports the specific method through which all the different issues are analysed.

In this humus move the Firm activities that extends from judicial to extra-judicial activities, from legal advices to study and research projects, representing private and public entities, as well as individuals. In the education sector the Firm has signed cooperation agreements with European Universities.